Scientific Manuscript Writing in Medicine and Surgery

Speedy, reliable, and feasible solution with more than ten years of experience in writing and editing

What we do:

What we do:

Medical writing and editing by specialized physicians in various medical disciplines

What type of papers we write or edit:

What type of papers we write or edit:

Original clinical research articles

Case reports/series

Services for:

Services for:

  • Scientific Projects
    1. Hypothesis and research questions for research development
    2. Literature review
    3. Outlining of medical research projects
  • Medical writing
    1. Data analysis based on raw data
    2. Manuscript preparation based on hypothesis and research questions
    3. Writing considering scientific writing rules and current literature
    4. Figure preparation
  • Publication support
    1. Plagiarism check and editing
    2. Response to reviewers
    3. Pre-submission manuscript review and editing
    4. Formatting for submission
    5. Journal search for submission


Primary raw data

Description of materials and methods section

What you have to do:

What you have to do:

Send your request for the service that you need

Include your hypothesis/resarch questions, raw data, and details regarding study’s methodology

Our reply and comments within 48 hours

Completeness of a full manuscript within 4-6 weeks

Send us message, including full name, e-mail address, and message;


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